Busting Health Myths..... Detoxing!

So, at Fit Girl Factory we believe in consistently healthy living. Good, fresh and nutritious food every day, regular exercise and activity, rest and relaxation and social interaction less stress and lots of "me time."

Detoxing always suggests a short, quick fix designed to get fast but not necessarily long term results.

Detoxing also suggests and can provide a new start to a health journey, a boost to our health or a defined change to our way of thinking. Maybe it has benefits.

Here is Fit Girl Factory's series focussing on Detoxing...... these are my own thoughts and you should do your own research to decide on yours!

First up, the good news!!! Our bodies already know how to detox so don’t really need to be cleaned out. Every single day our liver, kidneys, digestive system, lungs, blood all detox themselves.


It’s making sure your DAILY lifestyle is on point in order that our bodies can do the job properly. And our body is way better at detoxing than a 7-day juice cleanse.


Make sure you support your body’s natural detoxification process through good habits like eating unprocessed, whole foods, managing your stress levels, getting enough quality sleep, being physically active and exercising regularly, relaxation, using natural and organic products on your skin, letting yourself sweat, staying hydrated, the list can go on and on.


So, trust me when I say you are detoxing every single minute of every single day, right now in fact!!!

Next time on the Fit Girl blog I will be looking at how our digestive system plays a part in detoxing....