The Fit Girl Factory "healthy water shot" at the end of each session isn't just for show! Hydration is the key to unlocking a number of health benefits!

Hit Your Weight Loss Goals

Make sure you meet your body’s hydration requirements in order to ensure continued weight loss. This is because water makes you feel full, so always drink a glass of water before meals. It also boosts your metabolic rate, which helps in weight loss.

Prevent and Treat Headaches

Did you know that dehydration triggers headaches and even migraine in some people? When you feel like your head is exploding, a glass or two of cold water could relieve the symptoms. Your body could be telling you that you are dehydrated and need to top up on fluid.

Make the Most of Your Fit Girl Sessions

Lack of water during a workout could hold back your physical performance. This is because when you sweat, your body temperature is altered and you lose your body’s water content. This can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, reduced motivation and dehydration. Making exercise even harder both physically and mentally.

Mood Booster

Feeling down or depressed lately? A glass of ice-cold water can put a smile back on your face. It turns out that drinking water, especially the cold ones straight from the freezer, can refresh and improve your state of mind.

It can also keeps you alert and clear thinking. It’s much cheaper and much healthier too.

So, are you ready to drink at least six to eight glasses of water everyday?

At Fit Girl Factory everyone gets a "healthy shot" at the end of each session! Cold water flavoured naturally with fruit, veg and herbs! A fabulous way to refresh, rehydrate and take a moment to catch up with the latest gossip!