Eating Before a Workout?

Should you eat something before you work out?

Research into this dilemma has suggested that working out on an empty stomach can cause your body to burn more fat during your workout – YIPPEE!!!!

The theory… your body uses glycogen, from carbohydrates to fuel your workouts. When glycogen levels get low, like after a night’s sleep, your body will grab some body fat to fuel your workouts instead.

The reality… there is no guarantee that our bodies have enough stored glycogen and fats to fuel your workouts. If there isn’t enough your body will nab muscle tissue rather than fat to fuel your morning workouts. This can start to break down the existing muscles you worked so hard to build and could also lead to a lower workout performance and over-eating later in the day.

The timing and size of your meal matters!

A massive meal right before you exercise isn’t practical and could lead to nausea and cramping. And it about 45 minutes to digest food, this isn’t realistic if you are working out at 6am!!!

So, work on keeping the meal small, very small!!! And focus on a “Fit Girl” type workout - short and very high intensity!!

Pre Early Morning Workout Meal Ideas.....


A piece of toast with all natural almond or cashew butter

1/2 cup Greek yogurt with fruit

A banana or apple with nuts