Fit Girl Tummy Tips

A flat tummy, a shapely waist or abs of steel are always at the top of my client's wish list, however it can be a tough area to change and often the last bit of the body to change.

So here are Fit Girl Factory's top tips for your tummy.....

Ask yourself if you are working on the right bit!! Are you actually working your core? There is no point in just peering down at the front of the tummy and sighing. Your core is made up of front, sides and back. So use a combination of exercises that target your tummy from all angles. The plank is fantastic for this - add some movement or instability in by taking a hand off the floor to see even faster results.


You MUST add a weight into your training and then add more weight. Include exercises such as squats, deadlifts and lunges. These are amazing for putting your core under a little stress - they work you extremely hard.

And don't forget training Fit Girl style is the way to go as combining strength and cardio is the most effective way to reveal and sustain those abs. You gotta keep the body guessing!


Do you eat for your abs? Your first meal is your most important and will kick start your day. Something nourishing and healthy will set the tone for the rest of the day.


And yes, the bad news is that you have to cut out those baddies of the food world - sugar, booze and white carbs.

Give your digestion some help too as bloating can stop you abs from looking their best. Aids such as kefir, aloe vera, turmeric, chia seeds, lemon and ginger can easily be added to your diet and help enormously with digestion.

Dehydrated can actually cause the body to hoard water, which can add up to four excess pounds around your midsection. Aim for at least six glasses of water daily.

And lastly, stand up straight - it's amazing what good posture can do for the abs!!!