Is Your Workout Working????

You have just killed a Fit Girl session, you’re beet red, and you feel like you need to wring out your shirt. Does all that sweat mean you worked really hard and burned a ton of calories?

Not necessarily.......

The line ‘sweat is your fat crying’ couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your sweaty session could be the result of your age, sex, fitness level, the number of sweat glands you have, your DNA, or simply the weather.

Follow these tips to make sure you're actually burning calories and getting fit and healthy.

Hangry is good!!

If you're hungry post-workout, you're working out right. If you have worked hard enough your body will let you know and demand fuel via nutrients in food.

A great workout, whether strength or cardio training, can burn around 200 calories or more.

So feeling hungry is your body telling you that you worked really hard and it’s time to top up your energy.

Look Good!

Concentrating on form and technique will ensure you're training hard.

Executing proper deadlifts, squats, push ups and planks may not make you sweat but they will build muscle and guarantee burned calories.

Surprise Yourself!!

The best way to get your metabolism moving and burn more calories is to make sure your workouts are different and challenging.

Running on the treadmill for weeks on end won't change your body. Circuit training with the same exercises every day won't either.

If your workouts incorporate weekly progressions and changes, you will improve your metabolism and work harder.

Shakey Shakey.....

Shaking muscles is not dangerous! It usually indicates your working intensely and challenging the body. Bring on the shakes — you're activating your entire system!

The shaking indicates that you're demanding more from your body than it's normally capable of doing. As the muscles repair themselves, you'll become stronger. So the more you work on those exercises that make you quiver, the stronger you'll get and the less you'll shake.


It’s really important to pay attention to how you feel after a workout.

If you’re sweating a ton during your workout, but afterwards your muscles don’t feel tired you may not have worked hard enough.

This doesn’t mean you need to be crazy-sore for days, just make sure your muscles feel fatigued afterwards.