Jægersborggade - The Coolest Street in the World?

Jægersborggade in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen is one of my favourite places!! Hailed as one of the hippest streets in Copenhagen at the moment, it is a small residential street that has been transformed from a very dodgy downbeat area to hosting 40 businesses.

I was lucky enough to visit it on a day when the sun was shining so I really got a feel of the buzz this street has! It was so interesting to think that a tiny street (150 meters long) had such a vibe around it but it really does!

The people that live and work in Jægersborggade clearly have a deep seated drive and purpose and there are so many beautiful independent brands, creative shops, lovely coffee shops, juice bars, ice cream bars, art galleries, organic produce shops, vintage clothes, ceramics and jewellery designers, wine bars and restaurants.

Some of my favourites are:

Karamelleriet a tiny shop selling handmade caramels. They make the caramels right on the shop floor, which was fascinating. I was clearly drooling as the guy making the caramel offered me a fresh, warm piece to try. Utterly delicious and of course, I had to buy some. I then had to make some extremely hard life decisions, like whether to buy toffee, chocolate, liquorice, or coconut flavour!!!!


Resecond is apparently the worlds first dress-swapping shop. It was very sadly shut when I visited but what a great idea. Very eco friendly and typically Danish!

Next up and my totally favourite place in the whole of Copenhagen id Grød - the porridge shop…… Yes, a porridge shop - utter genius - and anyone that knows my knows I could eat breakfast all day long!! At Grød you can!!

But this is not your ordinary porridge. Think quinoa, spell, oatmeal, with toppings such as chestnut purée, fresh fruit, cacao nibs, homemade caramel sauce, Danish skyr yogurt, flaxseeds, ginger syrup and toasted almonds.

Then onto explore some beautiful clothing, ceramic shops, homeware shops and art galleries. Quirky people and places, interesting and friendly!!

A very cool, literally cool, place is Istid! Here you can try fresh, organic ice cream made with nitrogen. I didn’t get to try one or see the spectacular effect of the ice cream covered in smoke due to the nitrogen as the shop was closed. But on the way back I did snap a few pics but was full on coffee and fresh juice, so did not indulge. Next time!!!

Onto a coffee break at RETRO a non-profit café and every one working there are volunteers. And so friendly and keen and really welcoming. I could have chilled there all day!!

I finished with a juice at Rod, where you can mix your own fresh juice, pulling the produce off the shelf and handing it over to be juiced or create your own box of veggies and fruit. A very modern greengrocer.

I personally loved Jægersborggade! I'm not sure it's the coolest street in the world - I haven't been to all the streets in the world - so I ain't judging! But it is wonderful, a very strong sense of pride and community, really friendly and the quality of products and produce is unbeatable! Surprisingly, I could have walked up and down a good few times more, there is a lot to explore and see! Shops are small but full and the people wanting to talk about what they are selling!

I'm going back!!!