Simple Superfoods the Fit Girl Way!

One of my all time favourite superfoods is Kefir. It came into my life around a year ago, when a lovely friend left me a batch on my doorstep as a Christmas present (thank you Mel Allan).

I say a batch because Kefir is an exciting living culture that you can actually grow yourself, which also makes it incredibly budget friendly!!

Kefir is slowly becoming accepted as a mainstream product as it is being proven to help combat a huge number of health issues whilst showing a huge range of health benefits.

Kefir is an enzyme-rich fermented food packed with healthy bacteria to restore your gut balance. It is slightly similar to yoghurt but way more nutritious, containing minerals, B vitamins and protein.

Due to the fact that about 70% of the immune system is found in your gut, not only is kefir great for digestive issues but it can also boost the immune system and help tackle many immune-related conditions. it has even been shown to help reduce cravings for things like sugar too!

I have a glass every morning (pre brekkie or coffee) and before bed - it can also help sleep.

More and more I believe that good health and bad health is dictated by the health of our digestive systems!

There is new research that suggests our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon influence how our minds and bodies function and how happy we feel. For example, if I get stressed my stomach churns and then bloats! And vice versa because our tummies can send messages that can make the brain anxious.

So a healthy tummy must have lots of good bacteria, this must far outnumber the bad bacteria and this is what Kefir does extremely well.

And it is so simple to make! After investing in the initial pack of grains (found on Amazon, I love The Kefir Company) you just put them in milk for 48 hours. Then you have Kefir. The best bit is you NEVER have to buy Kefir again as you use a bit of the previous batch to make a new batch.........

This Fit Girl found that it reduced sugar cravings, eliminated bloating and increased my energy. I could eat bread and rice again without bloating or feeling ill.

Do it people!!!