Party Season Health Fixes for Xmas 2015!

With Christmas coming it’s even more important to to keep an eye on our nutrition.

Here are some Fit Girl tips to keep you in top form and combat those cocktails:


Pear juice - the enzymes found in pears can break down alcohol in the body

Asparagus - the amino acids and minerals found in asparagus can help protect the liver

Strawberries - protects the stomach’s membrane

Beetroot - detoxifies the liver

Cucumber - anti inflammatory, great for the skin

Basil - antibacterial, will boost the immune system

Banana - potassium rich to fuel you through the never ending parties

Water - dehydration can actually increase during the winter months because the cold inhibits our thirst response!!

Keep drinking the clear stuff to flush out toxins, improve digestion.

So go and enjoy a cocktail with these tips in mind!!