The Breakfast Club.

Finally, after a year of waiting, I made it to The Breakfast Club!

I'm the type of girl who could eat breakfast 3 times a day!! So, this place was heaven for me.

The Breakfast Club was opened - in their own words - by two children of the 80s who filled their first cafe with junk from their childhood bedrooms. The interior of the branch I visited, Battersea Rise, is really the heart and soul of The Breakfast Club and sets one up for not just great food but a great experience! It's like a museum!

Firstly, my husband and I had to queue for about 15 minutes!! Not a problem! However, the staff constantly apologised for the wait and this encouraged us to hang in there!! That and the amazing looking food making it's way to the various tables.

Service was incredibly friendly, efficient, helpful and attentive without being over bearing!!

I can't really fault the place or the food, which was fantastic!!! Lots of choice, great service, fantastic styling and felt very at home.