Weight Training the Fit Girl Factory Way!

As someone that has battled through their own fitness journey, I have learnt that weight training is the best way to look and feel great but I also learnt it’s NOT just about lifting a dumbell up and down. In order to get the most from weight training you must engage and connect with your body during the workout.

I recommend that ALL women lift weights but for many women this is a scary prospect. However, if you attack strength training in the right way you WILL come to love the natural high, confidence, self belief and fabulous body that weight training brings.

Here are my tips on getting the most from weight training.

One. Belief

Belief is a powerful word! Before you even start working out, you MUST have belief! Belief that you can do it, belief that is going to make a difference, belief that it is worth it.

Belief that you can lift that dumbell or do that push up. Belief will make you try and then you may be amazed by what you are capable of.

Taking a “Before” photo can be a great way to keep believing in your workouts. Sometimes we can miss the changes that happen in our bodies or we dwell on the bits we don’t like or are not progressing as quickly.

Having a “Before” photo to refer to can keep the belief going.

Two. Focus

You must use your power of focus when you are weight training. This doesn’t just mean focusing on your goals!

When you are lifting, you must put your mind in the muscle you are training, feel it moving, feel it working hard. Focus on your breathing and focus on your body.

All other issues and ideas are on parked while you are training: forget about your bills; forget about work, the family, the shopping!

The power of focus can give you results because you will become an expert on your own body, you will understand how far to push yourself and you will feel when you are performing exercises correctly (or incorrectly) and when to progress.

Three. Form

This brings us to proper form, which is essential when training. Proper form is crucial in making sure you don't injure yourself. It's also vital in making sure you execute the exercise correctly. Form is also so important because it won't allow you to cheat!

Having a personal trainer can make a huge difference in weight training, he or she will keep you on the straight and narrow with regard to proper form.

Four. Full Range of Motion

This means that you will go from the starting point to finishing point, all the way through the motion of the move without cheating yourself or your workout. Do not stop limit your range of motion, do not shorten your movements. Commit to pushing your body through the movement.

When you use your full range of motion, your body will respond positively by adapting and growing stronger.

Five. Fight

You must fight for your workouts and never give up!

Fight for your right to be fit!

Fight for that last rep! You are workout warriors so don't give in.

So fight and earn your fitness by never giving up in your workouts.

Pull faces, grunt, growl even swear!!!! Whatever it takes, do it....

Six. Attitude

Have a bold attitude when you workout. Stand tall and proud that you are lifting weights. Not enough women enjoy their bodies when they workout, they avoid looking in the mirror or doing exercises that might be embarrassing or too hard. But this is only your perception and others around you might be really impressed. So, embrace your body and what it can do.

Be forceful and tell yourselves that you deserve that sleek and sexy feminine muscle tone, you deserve health, strength and confidence.

And if you need help, ask for it! That’s a big, bold attitude!!!

Seven. Freedom

Working out smarter, not harder, and do less to achieve more! Don't be confused that a lot of activity equals results!

When you train with weights, you will actually have more free time because you will be working out less and getting more results! Freedom comes from utilizing efficient and effective workouts and not having to spend hours in the gym!

Eight. Finish!

Finish your program! Give yourself time, don’t rush results, don’t have demanding expectations. Never give up, never give in, it will happen.

It's not about being perfect, but about being persistent!

Don't give up or give in too early, you can’t go to the gym once and then are fit for the rest of your life. Weight training is a journey, a journey to be enjoyed!

Weight training has so many benefits! So go ahead and try it you might amaze yourself!